Coffee table with thuja veneer


Coffee table with burr walnut veneer. Anonymous work. Art Deco-period. 

Art Deco is associated with both luxury and modernity, it combines very expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Walnut veneer was highly priced, with the cost reflecting the ‘fanciness’ of the veneer – the more decorative, then the more expensive and desirable. Figured walnut and burr walnut (sometimes referred to as burl walnut) were considered as the most attractive varieties of Walnut. Burr walnut veneer was taken from the specific part of the tree where ‘growths’ sprouting smaller branches and/ or roots would occur. As these ‘growth’ areas were limited in both occurrence and size, larger veneers were hard to source and often on bigger furniture (tables, desks, bureaus, cabinets etc), these veneers would have to be carefully joined by matching up the pieces or blending them together.


More Information
Width99 cm
Height63,5 cm